Having started planting trees to reabsorb CO2 in 1988 for Maureen of the Castlecary pet shop in 1992 Dan founded a second company, Future Forests (later renamed The Carbon Neutral Company), to help businesses satisfy their growing desire to offset their environmental impact and ‘go green.’ His partner in this was marketing consultant Sue Welland, with the vital science around carbon sequestration being provided by Dr. Richard Tipper. Although many people still found some of the issues around climate change and carbon offsetting confusing, the idea of planting trees to help the environment, popularised by Dan, was a relatively easy one to understand and get behind. This effort was greatly helped by the prominent support of many musicians and artists, beginning with Joe Strummer of the Clash after a meeting with Dan at Glastonbury in 1995. Strummer instantly committed to becoming the world’s first carbon neutral citizen, and the spontaneous support of such a respected figure proved a tipping point. Artists such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Leonardo Di Caprio committed to becoming carbon neutral, eventually resulting in over 100 million CD’s being produced on a carbon neutral basis. The Sex Pistols commissioned the ‘Filthy Furious Forest’ to be planted on the verge of the M25 near the Ford Motor Company plant at Dagenham. Of course some forests faced challenges – the ‘Ronnie Wood’ did not survive its early years but was recently re-planted by Dan in an Argentine cloud forest.

There was also support from other parts of the creative world: for example film-maker Roland Emmerich made his film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ carbon neutral, as did other film-makers such as Bernardo Bertolucci. Sir Ridley Scott planted enough trees to take his entire company, Ridley Scott Associates, carbon neutral. This momentum encouraged the world and eventually over 250 companies worked with Dan and his teams to develop carbon neutral initiatives, including the likes of Avis, HSBC and Mazda. The activities of the company have been credited with protecting hundreds of species and planting hundreds of millions of trees.

Damien Hirst went carbon-neutral and had a forest in the Scottish borders. Damien created a Blue Cage filled with CO2 canisters to symbolise dance work. He also made a unique firework as he said Dan would take off.

The Warhol Foundation worked with Dan to create the Andy Warhol wood in Florida. A unique artwork piece was put on sale through Virgin Megastores America, where people could buy a Warhol print by David Gamble and plant a tree in the Andy Warhol Wood. Virgin Megastores Took all 23 of the US stores carbon-neutral.

The Brits and the BAFTAs went carbon neutral. The BRITS British Television broadcast was the world’s first carbon neutral show, taking into account the CO2 created by the viewing audience.

The artist Jamie Reid created artwork for Dan. Nature Still Draws a Crowd.


These are the bands that have forests and their forests location…

Pink Floyd

Dryhope Burn, Scotland; Bangalore, India; Chiapas, Mexico; and Tensas River National Wildlife Park, Louisiana in the US.

Pet Shop Boys

Dryhope Burn, Scotland.

Massive Attack

Thornbury Bristol.

Foo Fighters

Tensas River, Wildlife reserve Louisiana.

The Levellers

Black Rock- Cheddar Gorge Somerset David Gray Dryhope Burn.

David Gray

Dryhope Burn, Scotland


Dryhope Burn, Scotland


Coldplay Cloud forest, Argentina.
Coldplay forest was replanted in a cloud forest in Argentina.
-> See link

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood Cloud forest.

Rolling Stones

Isle of Skye Scotland.

BlurAlex James

BlurAlex James, Verge of the M4 by his Mums house

Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry Dryhope Burn, Scotland.

Joe Strummer

Rebels Wood Isle of Sky Scotland


Works of art to promote the historic forests.

Jamie Reid

Nature still draws a crowd

Ronnie Wood

Painting Mozambique celebrate the ‘Ronnie Wood

Paul Simonon

Painting of Joe Strummers’ ‘Rebels Wood’ work by his fellow bandmember

Andy Warhol

The Andy Warhol Wood Florida USA

Damien Hirst

Cage of CO2 canisters – a customised art piece


Virgin Megastore USA went carbon neutral and Dan planted 150,000 trees in 5 forests around the world for them.

Dan put on sale tree certificate tubes and people could buy their own tree in the artists forest..


Here are some other personalities who have forests and their forest locations…


These are festivals that went Carbon Neutral and have beautiful mature forests around the world.

Glastonbury Festival

M32 corridor Bristol St Paul’s roundabout, Black Rock Cheddar Gorge, Butleigh Glastonbury – Thornbury Bristol

Fuji Rock Festival Japan
Isle of Skye Scotland
Isle of Wight festival
Dryhope Burn Scotland

Isle of Skye Scotland


The Brits, BAFTA , MTV awards and Live 8 Hyde Park went Carbon Neutral in their production.

For the Brits, Dan quantified how much CO2 was created by the audience watching at home and increased the Brits forest size by compensating for this as well. The worlds first and only carbon neutral broadcast. A viewership of 6 million were informed of this activity on-air by Davina McCall and featured mass media coverage creating millions of pounds worth of PR in column inches.


The Sunday Times gave Dan five front covers in a row and a double page spread in first addition and 4 single full pages in the next 4 subsequent issues. It offered readers the opportunity to plant trees with Dan in 6 new forests around the UK. Sunday Times stated that this was the most successful reader offer they have had. The independent on Sunday run a Reader competition judged by Neil Tennant and Janet Street Porter.

Sunday Times editor described the campaign as “most successful reader offer we have run”

The Independent On Sunday Winning forest were Island of Stornoway /Scottish Hebrides and the St Pauls roundabout and the greening of the M32 corridor Bristol.

The film industry also embraced Dan’s Carbon Neutral concept to plant forests and below is an article explaining who did it and why…


Kirsten Dunst

Cloud forest in Argentina

Jake Gyllenhaal

Cloud forest in Argentina

Dominic Monaghan

Cloud forest in Argentina

Elijah Wood

Cloud forest in Argentina

RSA (Ridley-Scott associates LONDON)

Dagenham East London, Essex

Brad Pitt

Magnolia trees Bhutan

Bernardo Bertolucci

Dryhope Burn, Scotland

Eric Fellner

Dryhope Burn, Scotland

Jeremy Thomas

Film producer
Isle of Skye Scotland

Julien Temple

M25 verge near Dagenham

Roland Emmerich

The Day After Tomorrow Film Bhutan 

“In am delighted to see that the Fuji Rock Festival Japan is the first festival in the world to go totally carbon neutral.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

“I love the irony “They planted the filthy furious forest on the verge of the M25 near the Ford Dagenham car plant.”

Julien TempleSex pistols plant 500 trees


Leonardo Di Caprio became America’s first Carbon Neutral Citizen planted trees with Dan to restore a rainforest in Chiapas Mexico which is now 20 years later a beautiful Macaw sanctuary.


“It is lovely to see properly managed forests being planted in our local area and around the country”

Michael Eavis

“It’s a dynamite idea – I want everyone in the world to get behind it.”

Joe Strummer1952 - 2002

“It just seems to be very direct and really straight forward, without being hippified.”

Damien Hirst

“It's Love&Peace! and really a Rock 'n' Roll movement!!”

Masahiro HidakaFuji Rock Festival Japan

“It’s good to plant trees because it rejuvenates the earth, it adds oxygen to the atmosphere – and makes the place look good too!”

FlawlessBig Brovaz

“Don’t chop our trees ‘cos us Gorillaz need something to climb.”


“It's time to replenish the pond. Aggressive tree planting programmes are vital. This is everyone's problem.”

Neneh CherryMusician

“I’m environmentally aware and the Future Forests initiative is one that makes loads of sense. Look at the stuff you’re pumping into the atmosphere, see what you can do to reduce it and then plant a tree or two.”

Keith AllenActor / Comedian

“There is nothing more peaceful than a forest, and with all the problems with pollution and deforestation, planting trees is very important.”


“It's not tree-vangelism. It ain't heavy. It's just easy. Plant some trees and .....feel better”

Alex JamesMusician, Blur

“The work Future Forests is doing is quite extraordinary.”

Mariella Fostrup

“There is nothing more peaceful than a forest, and with all the problems with pollution and deforestation, planting trees is very important.”

Gavin RossdaleLead singer, Bush

“If everyone took a few steps toward protecting the environment every day the world would be a much better place.”

Danny GoffeySupergrass

“Planting a tree is a small but very practical way in which we can make a positive contribution to the world in which our children are growing up in.”

Simon and Yasmin le Bon

“We have a unique position" to "unite millions of people behind a shared environmental vision.”

Liz AndersonThe Brit Awards' executive producer

“Trees give us so much, and I believe they are our most important natural resource. We love the things that come from trees, but we need to make sure we are planting and managing more trees than we harvest. Future Forests understands that and offers all of us a marvellous way to give back. Sustainable Forestry is what it's all about. We have to be good stewards of the land”

Chuck LeavellRolling Stones keyboardist / musician/ author "Forever Green: The History and Hope of the American Forest


As a direct result of the credibility generated buy music and film 250 businesses went Carbon Neutral with Dan and his team. Dan actively worked on their CSR programmes.


United Nations took a conference on climate and forestry carbon neutral in 1999 and planted a forest in Chiapas Mexico with Daniel Morrell and Richard Tipper using the plan Vivo System. Dan addressed the General Assembly in full session in New York, unprepared and by accident. The Fast Company article below explains how this happened. This presentation helped develop the voluntary carbon trading process into compliant Carbon Trading. The UN carbon trading mechanism is a mirror of the voluntary system initiated by Dan.

The United Nations has given balance eco-limited access to 30,000 indigenous youth groups around the world. We have already collected voices from 118 different countries and included these in a remix of the orbs track ‘fluffy clouds’.

Dan has been a regular attendee and speaker at the COP climate summits. CPO 18 in Doha was opened by Lord Nicholas Stern celebrating Dans’ first trees planted 1988 for Maureen of  the Castle Cary pet shop in Somerset. Last year the compliant carbon market turned over $200 billion. The voluntary market reach $1 billion.

Please see below link with Lord Stern opening the COP (conference of the parties)citing Dan’s trees.

Lord Nick Stern opening Doha COP 18 Qatar – Celebrating first Carbon Trade and Maureen’s Trees.


The England football team went Carbon Neutral and planted a forest in Tunbridge Wells. Dan borrowed the England football teams official coach and parked it back-stage at Glastonbury festival to celebrate their Forest. This was the same year that Keith Allen’s vindaloo reached number two in the charts. Keith Allen ran a karaoke set from the future forest stand at Glastonbury festival. Jarvis Cocker, having just come off the Pyramid Stage delivering his seminal gig, sang a Karaoke version of Winfield’s Saturday on Ant Glen’s shoulders in front of the England football team bus.
Fulham football club went carbon neutral.

Photo credit: John Kisch