Dan’s most recent venture is Balance, a global organisation that makes it easy for people and businesses to ‘balance’ their environmental impact. Balance will help to create long-term biodiversity and protect the climate through responsible planting and protection of forests. It’s a better approach to dealing with carbon – ‘Carbon Neutral 2.0’ – evolving beyond offsetting to support the enduring biodiversity that is essential to the sustainable future of life on Earth.

Its first manifestation is Chant with Balance (link), a creative music app that lets fans add their voices to actual performances by their favourite bands and artists, and at the same time create a unique piece of crypto art that captures their individual sonic footprints…while all the time contributing to biodiverse tree planting and protection. Chant is the only known way to ‘sing trees to life.’

And that’s just the start of the journey, as other services, apps and events will be coming on stream over time. Balance is one of a kind in the way it combines technology, music, and art with a serious environmental record and a seriously experimental spirit.