The most persistent theme in Dan’s artistic explorations has undoubtedly been deep space, from meeting long-term collaborator Youth beside a ‘meteorite’ in a crop circle near Stonehenge, to his current project Chant Live. This ongoing space punk experiment boasts an ever-changing lineup of legendary musicians and DJs, steeped in experience from acts such as Gorillaz, Killing Joke, Pink Floyd, Coldcut, and Roxy Music. NASA’s Parker solar probe carries the Chant Live name, and was the subject of Chant Live’s first film – Icarus. The band’s performances began in the obscurity of the Wookey Hole caves, but have now become a main stage act at major festivals. They are fully open source and highly original, combining music from the artists themselves with voices recorded via the app or from a live audience. (So if you’re not ready to be played as an instrument, then don’t come to a Chant Live gig.) The performances go beyond music and extend into situationist happenings such as land art forests, producing not just great experiences but also tangible actions to support the biodiverse environments that are essential to the future of life on Earth.