Around a gigaton of unnecessary CO2, around 2.5% of total human emissions, is released into the atmosphere each year as a result of poorly engineered or badly tuned buildings. This is not an insoluble problem: the solutions lie in more thoughtful design, and in looking beyond the like-for-like replacement of old technology. The benefits of this are not just environmental, but also commercial. An efficiently tuned building is usually 40-80% cheaper to run than the alternative, and this has knock-on effects in the form of increased valuations for the buildings themselves.

With this in mind, Dan formed the Carbon Advisory Service in 2007. The company refurbished existing buildings and designs efficient new builds, using new technology within an existing budget rather than simply renewing dated designs. It has included a diverse range of organisations among its clients including Shell, Six Senses, and the Republic of Maldives. CAS offered the full range of services needed to build and refurbish energy-efficient buildings, from assessments to design, modelling, implementation, and ongoing advice.