Don’t watch the show. Be the show

The open source mystery band whose audience becomes an instrument – and the show. CHANT Live is a band created to test the CHANT concept – a live analogue testing version of CHANT in advance of the app coming out.

We are gathering voices before the shows at our ‘input events’ and turning the audience into an instrument. People come to the show having given their voices, are fascinated to hear their participation. CHANT Live collect chants from the audience at the show and loop them with effects, adding them to the live mix taking audience participation to a new level. The audience can come on stage and chant into the songs they helped co-create. We create drum circles and encourage people to bring their own instruments.

CHANT Live is the event-based musical wing of CHANT’s initiative to forge creative links between recording artists, fans and the causes they care about. The expanding and contracting band combines the driving drums of Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow) and Jon Moss (Culture Club, Clash, The Damned) with the dual bass assault of Youth, aka Martin Glover (Killing Joke, The Orb, producer of U2, Pink Floyd, Primal Scream), and Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Madonna), Matt Black (Coldcut) together with an ever-expanding drum and percussion circle drawn from the crowd and very ‘special guest’ musicians.

It doesn’t matter if some or even all of the core line-up are not available as we can bring in other musicians and special guests. CHANT Live is an open source mystery band – anyone can be in it.

CHANT’s core mission of placing the audience at the centre of the musical experience, allowing them to be instrumental co-creators in a space where rhythm and melody combine, inspires people to become active participants in ‘their music’, rather than passive recipients of pre-packaged sound.


We have 49 tracks ready in seven different genres – Trance, Dub, House, Indie Disco, Ambient, Indigenous and Kosmisch. ( Produced by Youth )
We have a track record of play highly energised gigs- Portobello Festival- Glastonbury festival- Stonehenge- a secret sound lab warehouse in Wembley. Street parties Paris- Busking Piccadilly Circus- the Groucho club in Soho.

The band evolved at the same time as the Novation Launchpad and Ninja Jamm mixing apps became available, which allowed us to utilise our own stems (key musical components, such as bass, guitar, keyboards etc) in live jams. The beauty of this is that we can be entirely spontaneous, while building cohesive rhythms and patterns enriched with looped audience chants and any other sounds that jump in. This is creatively very liberating and almost guarantees a deeply satisfying musical experience. Well-established musicians are comfortable joining in because it is such fun and there is no risk of things falling apart. The technology, like the CHANT app, also allows CHANT Live to work in any musical genre. This opens huge possibilities as we can evolve the band, bringing in an ever-changing line-up, with audiences participating in their favourite genres. We can also have any number of different CHANT Live productions taking place simultaneously.

With our collective contacts we can always put a band together at short notice. We can also ask guest talent to create their own special mixes of CHANT Live songs. The possibilities are endlessly exciting and dissolve the boundaries between fans and artists.

When we come to do press we have already got an interesting track record of performances and events that have already taken place. Journalists tend to rely on primary sources (i.e. first published information), so whoever is ‘first in’ when the app launches will reap the benefit. It makes sense, therefore, for CHANT Live to be the first user and beta tester for the CHANT app.

Chant live is starting to create Flash mob events and happenings as ‘input events’ where people can give the voice and join the band. People come to come to the gig, an ‘out put events’ to hear themselves in the song and be part of the show.

Many of the musicians who are creating music for the app are willing to create special mixes of our songs. They are happy to come and play live with us. We have trailed this extensively now with the DJ community.

We have a show with a DJ and full band. We are able to create audience loops on-the-fly and export them to the DJ who synchronises them beats per minutes to this song the band and he are playing. We’re also able to sample classic tracks well know speeches – whatever we wish and live loop these into the extremely dynamic dance set. CHANT LIVE can come out in a multi genre credible way with young fresh up-and-coming talents leading the charge.

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Were able to project the Cymatic images of peoples voices mixed with NASA deep space footage to create a really impactful visual show.

We have an installation artist who has created powerful land art for CHANT LIVE. Land art will appear in conjunction with our gigs. Additions of artwork will go on sale to create revenue and support CHANT brand development. Additions of Land and Street Art will be put on sale in established galleries. Example of work for Glastonbury festival- we too this 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite to the festival and held it by the Dalai llama and photographed this. We didn’t tell anybody what we did.

CHANT Live created a gift for the Dalai Lama This was given to show gratitude for attending last year’s Glastonbury festival. CHANT has no religious affiliations.We wished to experiment with our logo moving around a short film. We included 15 century Spanish bagpipe music mixed with Tibetan monks

CHANT Live songs in seven different genres


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